Thursday, May 19, 2011

Had the night off!

So, every now and again, I get to take a night off :) Used to happen alot more than it does now, but hey...its ok. Really...he makes a big mess when he cooks! LOL! I hate cleaning up after him. ;) but, in the end, its totally worth it cause his food is pretty darn yumtastic!

So, tonight he made some mexican creation...I don't guess he even gave it a name, but it was chicken with taco sauce, lime, and tequila! Then he topped it with this corn mixture of corn, onions, peppers, spices and more tequila! He rounded out the plate with spanish rice. It was pretty darn tasty! I must say that I was skeptical when he was trying to describe it, but he did not disappoint. I am sure he'll work on perfecting this dish, he likes to do that...makes something good, and wants to make it even better next time! Ha! Just be happy it turned out! ;)

Anyway, the munchkin got spagettios cause he wouldn't eat the chicken, or the rice, or the corn stuff. It looks waaaayyyy to interesting for him! LOL! He gets his picky-ness from his momma!

My tip of the day: Always insist that your picky eaters take a "no thank you" bite...they may just be surprised at what they'll enjoy if they just taste it! (yeah, yeah...I'm one to talk...I know!)


  1. The "no thank you bite" is a requirement at this house! The other night we asked Bella if she liked her casserole, and as she's scraping her plate clean, she responds, "I'm not sure." LOL.. kids :)

  2. My boys grew up with the 'no thank you bite' rule. Now my grandchildren have the same rule at GeeGee's house. Most of the time they like what they taste.