Sunday, May 22, 2011

Making the most of what you have...

Ok, so tonight's meal is brought to you by WIC! haha...Money has been extremely tight for us these past few weeks. Since I just went back to work, I haven't gotten a paycheck yet. But, thankfully we are on WIC and I was able to pull this whole meal together with things I get from my checks (with exception of the chicken, which I happened to already have in my freezer).

So, we were at Walmart picking up some of the stuff for the month from WIC. Normally, I would have gone with the bread option for my grains, but I knew I needed to pick up something to cook for dinner with the chicken I had pulled out. So, we decided to try the brown rice instead. I haven't ever cooked with brown rice, so I opted for the instant boil in bag variety. So...the finished meal you see here is the result of sauteeing 2 boneless, skinless, chicken breasts in olive oil with onion and garlic and Mrs. Dash seasoning. Then I added in frozen peas, carrots and corn that I had cooked til almost done in the microwave. Tossed it all together and added some worscheshire and a dash or two of soy sauce and voila! It was pretty tasty. The brown rice made me feel very healthy too! ;) I do have to give a nod to Jeromy as he helped with the spicing (as he usually does when I ask him to taste and "fix it" lots of times!)

I must say that I usually don't attempt a throw together kind of meal. I actually envy this most about my mom's cooking cause she can go in a kitchen and just make something out of nothing. So, tonight I just threw caution to the wind and figured if it didn't turn out decent, we could eat cereal!

My tip of the day: Even though you don't have much, you can still eat if you aren't afraid to be creative!

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